Below are some common questions pertaining to our football program.

Q. What is Lynnwood Royals JR Football (LYSA)?
A: Lynnwood Youth Sports Association (LYSA) is a feeder program for Lynnwood High School. We provide football for kids in grades K-8 in the Lynnwood High School surrounding area. We participate in the in the North Sound JR Football League (NSJFL).

Q. What schools are in the Feeder boundaries?
A. Based off of feeder boundaries obtained by the Edmonds School District, the following schools feed into Lynnwood HS; Alderwood Middle, Cedar Valley, Hazelwood, Hilltop, Lynnwood Elementary, Martha Lake, Oak Heights.

Q. What if my child has a variance to attend another school or my child goes to a Private School?
A. If your residential school based off your address is one of the feeder schools, you may play for us. We have plenty of kids enrolled at private schools or who attend a different school due to special programs or personal reasons, and they play for our program. We can always assist in looking this info up.

Q. Who can play?
A: Kids in Grades K-8 and under 15 years of age. (No HS freshman are allowed to play)


Q. Can a child play down on a lower level? What if my kid is really small?
A. Our league does not have play downs. We place kids on teams according to their age (as of July 31). Kids grow at different stages and different times than others their own age. They will compete against smaller, bigger and faster kids their whole life in whichever sport you chose. If you have further concerns to discuss, please feel free to reach out to the President or the head coach of LYSA.


Q. How long is the season?
A. The season runs from the end of July through approximately mid-November.


Q. Where and when do you practice and play games?
A. Practice typically begins end of July, Monday-Friday 6:00-8:00pm until school begins. Once school starts, practice will be 3 days per week. Home games will be played at Lynnwood High School. Games are on Saturdays with possible alternative days.


Q. My child also wants to play on his middle school team, can he play on both?
A. Yes, absolutely….


Q. What other equipment will we need?
A. Players will need to supply their own football cleats, girdle, game socks (athletic support & cup are optional) and mouth guard.


Q. How much will my child get to play?
A. Play time is based on attitude, effort and attendance at weekly practices. There is no minimum play rule, but as a general rule, players who show-up every day and on-time, who work hard and pay attention during the week generally will see plenty time on the field.


Q. Where do I sign my kid up?
A. Just click on the Register for Football button on the front of the home page. We accept online payments using PayPal, Checks/Money Orders, or exact cash.


Q. This sounds fantastic! What can I do to help?
A. GREAT question! We are a 100 percent non-profit volunteer organization with all of our funds going back into the program. We have a constant need for volunteers to help with everything from coaching to concessions. If you would like to contribute some of your valuable time to the Lynnwood Royals Jr. Football Team, please speak with a coach or board member.

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